The Aryan Brotherhood is a White Supremecy Prison gang. Originated in San Quntin Prison, California in 1967. The Aryan Brotherhood was originally formed to protect white inmates from black and hispanic prisoners, including the Mexican Mafia. In 1972 the Aryan Brotherhood formed an alliance with The Mexican Mafia.

The Aryan Brotherhood has spread to gangs all across the united states. The main activity that the Aryan Brotherhood is into is Drug Smuggling in the Federal Prisons. Also they are known to committe Murder and are not afriad to kill.
The Aryan Brotherhood has quite a few big characteristics including tattoos and body language. The true Aryan Brotherhood tattoo is a shamrock with AB and 666 written in the clovers.
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The Aryan Brotherhood has used Odinist religion to conduct gang meetings. Older members of the Aryan Brotherhood learned American sign language as a way to communicate to others.

The Aryan Brotherhood has many enemies in the prisons. Since they are a White Supremecy group thier main enemies are black gangs such as: Bloods, Crips, Black Gorilla Family and also the El Rukas.