Street Gang

The Crips originated in Los Angeles, California in the late 1960's. In the 1970's they grew and branched out to other parts of Los Angeles County. Their main location is Los Angeles, and their activity took place on or around school campuses.

The Crips are between the ages of 12-24 and they're mostly made up of black but also consist of whites and hispanics. They are identified with different shades of the color blueand they usually wear a blue rag of a handkerchief. They wear jogging suits, tennis shoes, pro team jackets, caps with LA teams, sometimes adidas sweat shirts, Dickey brand pants or bib style overalls, Nike and British Knights shoes. They refer to each other as "Cuzz" and they use graffiti and hang signals, displaying their colors as a use of communication. Their initials BK represent their status "Blood Killers", they also have tattoos. Their gang initiation consists of armed robbery, an assualt of murder, drive by shooting, or what is known as a "jump in" which is where they get horrificly beat up by other memebers of the gang.

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Their criminal activity includes urban welfare, drug sales, recently violent take-over robberies, warehouse burglaries, murder and rape. They have a couple rivarlies which are the Bloods, Latin Kings and the Trinitarios.

The Crips also have a huge impact on society. In Los Angeles in 2004 alone the Crips had 291 homocides, 717 attempted homocides, 2616 felony assualts, 61 attacks on police, 2308 robbieries, 44 kidnappings, 36 rapes, 754 acts of witness intidimitation, 20 acts of extortion and 188 car jackings.

The Crips are a very well known gang, and are involved in very serious crimes. They have many gang fights with their rivalries and many of the members sacrifice their lives to be a member of the Crips. To this day they are still doing serious crimes and making our gang history.


By: Taylor Parker & Lauren Henry