Hells Angels was formed on March 17 1948 in Fontana/San Bernardino. They were formed to be a motorcycle gang. Throughout the fifties more and more
Hells Angels charters were formed throughout the United States. When the other charters were formed they had nothing to do with each other. After years of being separated they decided to unite and they set down some laws of admission criteria. By 1961 they became international.They spread out through the east and then they later spread throughout the midwest.

Their main location is in California but they are also speard out all over the US.

All gangs have somthing to distinguish who they are. Hells Angels has a skull logo printed on the back of their leather jackets. Its called the death's head, with often HAMC and often the numbers 81.The 81 represents H which is the 8th letter of the alphabet and A for the 1st letter which stands for Hells Angels. There standard colors are red and white. They use red letters on white background. They wear a variety of patches on their jackets. These patches represent their status in the gang. The only people that understand the exact meaning of the patches are the gang members.

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The Hells Angels organization insists that they are not criminals, they note their various charitable acts on behalf of children and veterans. But there have been many Hells Angels that have lived up to their criminal name through drug trafficking (especially meth), weapons posseion, assault, and even murder. The most famous criminal act is their plotting to kill Mick Jagger in 1969 after he critized them for killing a spectator who was stabbed to death for pulling a gun out. It was ruled as self defense and charges were dropped.

They also spend time doing charity events sucks as Toys for Tots and blood drives because they are discriminated against and harassed by police for riding motorcycles.