NAME: Mara Slavatrucha (MS-13). The gang came up with the name when they combined La Mara with Salvatruchas. The 13 is to pay homage to a california prison gang.

TYPE OF GANG: Street and Prison

ORGINS / HISTORY: They first came to America when the civil war pushed refugees from El Salvador. They mainly came to Los Angelas. There were gangs there that did'nt welcome the immigrants, therefore the refugees decided to start there own gang. This gang came to be one of the most dangerous and organized in the United States.

LOCATION / TURF:The MS-13 operate in around 30 of the 50 states in America, and several countries in Central America. 60% of the population of their gang is in El Salvador prison system.

CHARACTERISTICS: Their colors are blue and whitewhich came from the El Salvador flag. Members almost always have extravagant body art or tattoos. MS-13 has no age limit to who they except( Women and Children ).

CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES: 1997 they kiddinapped and killed the son Of Honduras President Ricardo Maduro. In 2000 MS-13 boarded a bus then killing 28 people seven of them children. They are often gettin into trouble, mainly with Robbery, Rape, murders, and drugs.

IMPACT ON SOCIETY: They terrorize the public making it impossible to feel safe. even in your own home.

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