Mexican Mafia (La Eme)


Type of Gang: Prison Gang

Origins/History: Originated in the mid-1950s at the Duel Vocational
Institute in Tracy, California.

Location/Turf: California prisons

Characteristics: ~ Specific tattoo (handprint with M)~ The Mexican Mafia instructs its members to:
1. Never informing
2. No homosexual acts
3. No cowardice
Violation of any of these can result in a death sentence.


1. Had to be Most violent inmate
2. Had to have completed at least one "hit" or stabbing20080425_gangster_3.jpg

Their status in the gang was based on their seniority and dedication.
Dedication was proved by how many assaults they had engaged in.

Criminal Activities:

-- Controlled the narcotic traffic throughout most of California prisons.
-- Killings, rebelling, robbery, forgery, and destruction of prison property.

Impact on Society:*The fight for survival within the United States' prison system has
created a subculture full of racism, hate, and violence.
*The influence outside the prison system also involved the control of
drug smuggling and distribution.

The Mexican Mafia Today:*Today, the Mexican Mafia is thought to have at least 100 members only those who have sever a time in prison and have rose through the ranks.
*While some are still in prisons, most are free in Southern California.