Type Of Gang
Nuestra Familia is a prison gang consisting of mainly Mexican Americans .

Nuestra Familia(NF) was created in the Folsum State Prison of California in 1968.Inmates were tired of the abuse they were suffering from the Mexican Mafia. Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia engaged in bitter battles since then. New prisoners from northern California joined the Nuestra Familia while southern prisoners joined the Mexican Mafia. The NF was the first prison gang to ever be federally indicted for violation of the R.I.C.O act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) in the 1980s. The NF has written a constitution for its members to follow. The motto they live by is "Blood in, Blood out." The only way to get out is death. The gang also made rap CDs.The two CDs they released are the GUN(Generation of United Norteanos) and Quete which means guns in spanish. The money they earned benefited the gang.

Members were generally from the Northern California.
The gang identified with the symbols XIV, X4, 14, and four dots. Fourteen refers to the 14th letter in the alphabet which is "N" which stands for nortenos. They assoiciate with the color red and words norteno, norte, and northerners. A five pointed star, huegla bird, and sombrero with a dagger are common symbols. These tattoos must be earned through assualt, armed robbery, and murder on southern gangs. They use code words written in the Aztec langauge to communicate. It takes two years to become a member. Potential members must show character and righteousness.There is two seperate gangs:one for prison and the other for the streets.

Criminal Activities
Drug sales, assault, armed robbery, and murder were the most common criminal activities.

Impact on Society
The Nuestra Familia has a large chain of members in northern california as well a southern oregon.