The OutLaws

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The Outlaws are a type of Motorcycle gang that was created in 1935, out of Matilda's Bar on Rt. 66 in McCook, IL. They have been growing strong for about 76 years. Their turf is in 22 U.S. states and all around the world, also associated with other gangs in 12 other countries, including Germany, Russia, and Sweden.


Dirty, Outlaw Logo tattoos (Usually Arm or Back), Ride harleys, or Choppers, Always wear their patch and biker vest.

Criminal Activities:

Arson, Assault, explosive ops, Fraud, homicide, intimidation, kidnapping, money laundering, prostitution ops, robbery, theft, weapons violations, Product transport - meta morphine, cocaine, and marijuana.

Impact on Society:

The impact on society that they have is on all kinds of views, from them transporting drugs, makes it more easy for teens to access drugs. Also crime rates are also up in their areas of where they operate, from what kinds of activities they do. They are well know from their annual bike rides "chapters" around the world.

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