The Tiny Rascal Gang
Origin and History: The Tiny Rascal Gang also know as 7126, is one of the largest and most feard gangs in the United States. This gang originated among Camboniann refugees living in Long Beach. Moving to America wasnt easy for the Camobonian's, many were looked down upon for the way they looked and how they talked. Many Cambonian children faced discrimination. The gang now allows non-Cambonians to join. The age range is 8-50 years of age. The gang mostly includes males, but allows females to join. Female members are known as the "Lady Rascal Gang".

Locaton and Turf: The TRG has since moved to parts of North America, including North Carolina, Philadelphia, Seattle, Virginia, Massachusettes, Houston, and Minneapolis. Many members of the Tiny Rascals Gang have been deported from the United States because of many fellony convictions.

Characteristics: The members of the gang usually have tattoos on the upper part of the body mainly face chest back and arms. The lettering of the tattoos is usually done in old English which makes it hard to read. The tattoos usaully involve the initials TRG or Rascals. The members usually have bald heads and some have rascak tails colored grey. They wear grey bandanas and "dickies" pants.

Criminal Activity: Illegal production of methamphetamines, firearms trafficking, identity theft, murder, and dog fighting.

Impact on society: Direct correlation with bulleying, intimidation, sexual harrassment, greater fear, and market for narcotic sales.

These are the true Rascals

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