6a00d8342adfcf53ef010536424a45970b-800wi.jpgType of Gang: Street Gang, African American
Origins/History: Oldest and second largest street gang. Originated in the late 1950s as a club in the Illinois State Training School for Boys. As club members were released, several relocated to Lawndale where they spread their gang.
Location/Turf: Westside Chicago
Characteristics: Gold, black and red are their colors. Their symbols include: 5-pointed star, tophat, martini glass, playboy bunny, dollar sign, and a cane. Some of the things they say include: "All is well." and "People". It is estimated that there are 30-35,000 members and growing.
Criminal Activities: They are considered one of the most violent street gangs. Some criminal activities they partake in are: assault, burglary, drive-by shootings, extortion, homicide, identification fraud, and robbery. Also, street level distribution of powdered crack-cocaine, heroine and marijuana.
Impact on society: They have committed countless crimes affecting people's lives, they also have been several members who have spent serious jail time. The vice lords are currently one of the violent gangs ever.